About us ...

Strategic Vision & Directions

The ACCORD Cluster of excellence in Green Building began operations in February 2011.
Cluster in Green Building aims to consult all stakeholders in the housing and construction sector in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region in order to develop a shared vision.

Our visionmaison eco petite

The member companies and organizations of the Cluster in Green Building of the Bas-Saint-Laurent aim to become a model North American resource in the development, production and use of products with reduced environmental impact intended for the Green Building industry, while maximizing the socio-economic benefits for the region with a view toward sustainable development.

CLICK HERE to download a profile of the Cluster in Green Building (in French only).

Strategic directions

The development strategy of the Cluster in Green Building is based on implementing the following major objectives:
  • Market development ↓+
    • Create a network of green product manufacturers,
    • Increase sales of green products,
    • Increase sales of regional products outside of Quebec and
    • Strengthen the regional infrastructure;
  • Innovation ↓+
    • Develop new research projects for the development of eco-certified products,
    • Develop new eco-certified products and
    • Increase investment in manufacturing processes;
  • Update the skills and knowledge ofentrepreneurs and employees ↓+
    • Adapt training and accreditation programs for environmentally sound practices,
    • Foster creation of jobs in the green building sector and
    • Increase the number of technicians and professionals working in the companies and organisations of the Cluster in Green Building who are trained and certified in environmentally sound practices.
  • Organization and financing ↓+
    • Develop and pursue alliances among members of the Cluster in Green Building,
    • Design communication tools and implement communication strategy and
    • Provide the conditions needed to foster the development of the Créneau Écoconstruction.

Action Plan

View the Plan d'action 2010-2015 for the Cluster in Green Building (in French only).