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What is the ACCORD process?

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The ACCORD regional development program (in French, Action concertée de coopération régionale de développement) taps into regional strengths and builds on the pursuit of excellence in key sectors of Quebec’s economy.


The ACCORD process helps bring together business people and entrepreneurs within a region who share a common vision of their industry sector and who together define a long-term development strategy for that sector.Based on specific recognized skills, the ACCORD regional “clusters of excellence” were introduced to develop a brand image for each region of Quebec and to ensure that they receive wide exposure both nationally and internationally.

There are now some forty “clusters of excellence”
in fourteen regions of Quebec.
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This approach :

  • relies on business people coming together and getting involved,
  • is based on regional strengths and the pursuit of excellence in key sectors of Quebec’s economy and
  • focuses on the development of industrial alliances and networks within an economic sector.

Objectives of the ACCORD program

  • Position each region of Quebec as a hub of specific industrial skills that are recognized in North America and around the world, by developing “clusters of excellence” that will become that region’s brand image
  • Increase productivity and promote employment by focusing on innovation and exports
  • Contribute to the emergence of strategic economic projects in Quebec’s regions
  • Foster the creation of industrial networks within and between regions

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